Silent Hill is a masterpiece released in 1999 by Konami for the Playstation and it was the debut in the horror genre by this company, which was a success! This game has the same style as Resident Evil, but it’s more psychological, more terrifying and intense. It offers the player an unique experience like no other.

In this game we constantly witness bizarre and unexplained events and who better to experience that than Harry Mason, the protagonist.

Harry and his daughter Cherryl are going to spend some vacations in Silent Hill, when they have an accident and their car crashes. When Harry awakes, he notices that his daughter mysteriously disappeared. That’s when we begin controlling Harry and exploring the sinister town of Silent Hill.
Exploring the foggy Silent Hill is already scary enough

Let’s briefly analyze the aspects of the game.

The gameplay is pretty much similar to Resident Evil, although in Silent Hill you are able to control the camera angle and explore the entire area with an innovative explore vision. It has some weak points, though. The way Harry runs it’s a little chunky and confusing, but it’s easy to adapt.

Graphics and environment are the aspects that probably bring the best out of Silent Hill: the creepy and surreal environment. (Sensible people or with heart problems should not play this game!)

We have the opportunity to go into some very well daily basic places like a school, a hospital, common streets and witness all the gore and the creepy side of all these places. The graphics are very good and very well detailed: characters, enemies and many scenarios. Nobody gets indifferent to Silent Hill atmosphere.
Wandering around the darkness is frequent in Silent Hill….

The sound environment is the most spooky and creepy ever! If you think some moans by a bunch of zombies can terrify you, wait until you hear the moans of undead children, nurses and many more creepy enemies!

Silent Hill is not all horror… Well, in fact it is. But in spite of that, there is an amazing soundtrack to appreciate.

In the end, I can only say that this game is an unique experience for every gamer. If you’re looking for adventure and thrilling action, Silent Hill is the right game for you.

Silent Hill gets a 9/10.

Try it… If you can!

Article date creation: 09/01/2009, GameFaqs