Gran Turismo 2, The Real Driving Simulator. Yes it is, and the best we could imagine! This game is the sequel of the successful Gran Turismo, which was an excellent game too, and for those who want to experience this, there’s nothing wrong by getting started on GT2. This game improved since the last one. Graphics, game play, licences. Everything. GT2 provided me the best memories in driving games, and I’m sure it did with many fans as well.

Gran Turismo 2 comes in two discs, the Arcade Mode and the GT Mode. The Arcade Mode provides you with the opportunity to run against the PC or a friend, and it allows you to load your garage from GT Mode and test it! Arcade Mode has normal racing, 2P mode, rally and many more. It is basically a mode to practice your skills with your cars and to have fun with a friend, which by the way is awesome!

Now the serious one, GT Mode. This mode allows you to enter the world of Gran Turismo, a very challenging one. Explore it, you won’t get enough of it. There are more than 600 cars from countless brands, from many countries of the world! Every brand has the information you need about the car, everything is in there, it’s amazing how they could gather such info! An unique feature besides tune up, is the events in every specific brand. For example, if you want to compete in 106 Cup, you’ll need a Peugeot 106, and you need it tuned to the maximum! It’s really challenging and fun to compete in every brand’s events! Well, if you think for a moment that there’s nothing more to do in the game, think again, there is. There are many challenges to competed, and one of toughest modes ever, the Endurance. Races that requires a lot of patience and hours, but when you finish them, the rewards will let you even more fired up!

Graphics: Simply beautiful. Counting the cars, the landscapes, the tracks, everything looks good! The cars looks exactly like the real ones, and with the racing modifications they get even more beautiful! Some tracks in the game are official (God bless Polyphony Digital) and they are detailed to the maximum! The landscapes are incredibly done, and they can inspire you through some races. Personally, I enjoy more racing with the sunset in the horizon, or during night time. Very inspiring. 10/10

Game play: Gran Turismo series introduce an unique driving game play to this type of games. It’s more though, more challenging but it feels more real than any other game. There isn’t that easy turning, and easy driving. Not at all. Some tracks will make you pop out your real driving abilities! Skill is needed, so practice and get to perfection!
Best driving game play ever. 10/10

Sound: The soundtrack is close to GT1, some rock songs with orchestra, cool songs. Now the beauty that this game provides in terms of sound, are the sounds of the cars. If you pay attention enough, you’ll hear the engine roaring!
Cool soundtrack and amazing engines sounds. 9/10

Replay Value: After your first play through and your first experience, you’ll replay this believe me. Even I come to this game time to time, just to build a great garage, and to make my friends jealous of course. But if you first liked GT, you’ll always will. There’s tons of challenges that you won’t be doing in a first play through, but you can always come and perfect that by playing it and practice.
GT fan once, GT fan forever. 10/10

Well, I hope this review got you to buy this game, it really deserves an opportunity! You won’t be bored of this, I can assure that. If you don’t drive in the street already, start driving in GT.

Article date creation: 27/02/2009, GameFaqs