Unfortunately, this is an issue that concerns every videogames passionate out there, especially the “veterans”. Have you ever considered that your gaming “career” might one day come to an end? I have, due to several reasons: starting a family, working, among many others. I mean, I’m 25 years old and I’ve been playing games for almost 18 now, but I’ve realized this serious issue more and more lately, which concerns me a lot.

Like many of you out there, I love videogames! It’s my main hobby and I’m really proud to say that playing videogames helped me go through a lot of situations in my life. Although, many of the previous mentioned situations might lead to an unwanted situation. That being said, will we ever reach the end of gaming?

The benefits of videogames

Videogames aren’t only for entertainment purposes. They have a very important role on our society, or at least on those who consider videogames a part of their lives. Aside from entertaining us, videogames can teach us many things, being cultural, historical or even mythical. For example, RPG’s can teach us how to explore towns and how to improve our social skills (unless you’re controlling an anti-social hero); strategy games offer us the ability to use our brains more instead of impulsive acts. Plus, scientists already proved that action games can improve our reactions and reflexes.

Still on scientists, they’ve also stated that videogames are very beneficial for growing children, as they stimulates their brains and allows them to do more mental exercising. What’s not to like about videogames?!

benefits_videogames Videogames have a beneficial effect, but they’re also used for other purposes. Did you know that back in the day war games were meant to recruit young fellows to join the army? That’s right. This effect started when games like Wolfenstein, American’s Army and others were released. America was on the edge of technology and the army, navy and air force used the videogames mania to captivate and recruit young “army fans” into their forces.

Looking at all these benefits, it’s hard to believe that many people still don’t enjoy or appreciate videogames, right? But it’s true. For many of those people, videogames are just a waste of time and patience, and they’re only seen as a way of locking people inside their houses, abstaining from the outside world. Unfortunately this last part is true in some special cases, but those who can conciliate videogames with personal life are one step ahead of the game.

The truth behind the question

“Will we reach the end of gaming?” is the question that we all want to see answered right now. The truth is… I don’t know. It depends on each and every one of you. OK, I’ll give you my personal opinion. Like I said in the beginning of this article, videogames have been one major part of my life. They were with me through good times and bad times; they’ve made me laugh, cry, rejoice and some of them even made me scared. This whole triggering of emotions is a very good thing for me and I bet for many of you too.

Family, work, other hobbies… These all are important matters that could push videogames aside, but it’s all up to you. Let’s see here: if by chance you start a family and are working at the same time, the truth is that it will get difficult to arrange some time for videogames. Although, that doesn’t mean you have to push them away, right? It’s up to you if videogames are still your passion that followed you through your days, or if nowadays it’s just another simple and casual hobby.

Will I ever reach the end of gaming? No can do. Videogames will ALWAYS be a part of my life, no matter what. They will keep following me through my days and teach me more and more new and amazing things. The question is, will you?

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