I had a short voluntary collaboration with the site Addict of Fiction and these are a few news samples I wrote for them.

God of War: Ascension beta-testing

Are you one of the fans that can’t wait until the new Kratos’ adventure comes out? The official Playstation blog reveiled that Sony is allowing gamers to be involved in the beta-testing of the new God of War game.

If you desire to be one of the lucky beta-testers of the game, submit your application through this link: https://psnbeta.eu.playstation.com/userInfo.php?enroll=GoWAEnrol. It only requires that you fill in your PSN e-mail and password.

The chosen beta-testers will receive a code via e-mail and access their PSN account to start playing the beta.

You can apply until December 7th, don’t be late!


Soul Sacrifice demo released for Japan

Soul Sacrifice is nearly ready for all of those lucky japanese gamers. Sony announced that the new PS Vita title will be released along with a special bundle that includes a red themed Vita console.

Before this quite awaited release gamers will have the opportunity to try the demo, which will be released December 20th in the japanese Playstation Store. If you’re interested in trying the demo beforehand, it’s required that you create a japanese account through your PS Vita.

You will have the chance to play the first part of a campaing named “Sorcerer’s Test”, where you will have the company of the sorcerer Nemue.

As a bonus, Sony also included in the demo three extra bosses and a few multiplayer missions that can be played through wi-fi or ad-hoc.


Wii U’s processor with limited performance

Nowadays the technology used on consoles (home or portable) are considered a small complement of computers. Recently, the hacker named ‘Marcan’, known for having broken PS3’s security system, announced on his Twitter account  the specifications of the new Nintendo machine.

Wii U’s performance have been debated by all computers experts and according to Marcan, Wii U’s processor runs at half the speed of PS3 and XBox 360.

Marcan claims that its processor runs at 1,243125 GHz comapring with the 3 GHz used by PS3 and XBox 360. He also adds to his statement that the core system is PowerPC 750, the same type Wii has implemented. As the GPU performance goes, here it is the exact value: 549,999755 MHz.

Briefly, the differences between both Nintendo consoles are mainly in the core system. Nintendo Wii U uses three cores instead of just one, regarding Nintendo Wii. The CPU and GPU performance were also improved.

That being said, the methods used by Marcan are still unknown. After his statements, he debated with a few Twitter followers and said that “Wii U’s performance isn’t a big deal and don’t compare it to XBox 360’s. They’re not even close.”

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