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Game Design

Time Break – Projecto 2D


Time Break is an amateur 2D videogame I’ve created a few years ago as a Computers Final Project, which I’ve got a 18 out 20 grade. Not bad!

To create Time Break I used RPG Maker XP, a simple and quick game maker tool which is perfect to make this type of games.

Below you can also check a gameplay video of Time Break. In this short video, I’ve recorded the game’s intro and a few minutes of the gameplay. Enjoy!



This is a sample demo I took from my project. Here you can view the overall aspects of the game, such as character movement, graphic design, battle system and a few more aspects. Instructions:

  • Extract both files;
  • Install “RTP Standard”;
  • Run the .exe file, it will extract a folder.
  • Open the extracted folder and run “Game.exe”;
  • The commands are quite simple: keyboard arrows to control the character, ESC to enter and exit menu, also to cancel other options; SPACE to select options and interact.

Download Time Break Demo

Don’t forget to read my latest article “Time Break Project – Aspiring to be a Games Designer”, where I describe the game’s main elements, including the characters, map and events development and the story.

Game Maker Tutorials & Demos

Making tutorials and demos from Game Maker are a very important part of my game design constant learning process. I will post here the tutorials I make and playable demos for you to try out. Feel free to download the GM files to try them on the program if you want.

These demos have been helping increasing my knowledge in the creation of videogames, especially sprites, objects, events and rooms/locations.

First Game Tutorial: Catch the Fruit

Sem Título

In-program Game Maker 8 first game tutorial. Download the .rar file, unzip it and launch tutorial_1_fruits.exe.

  • The main objective of the game is to catch as many fruit as you can and increase your highscore;
  • If you click on the appearing bombs the game will end;
  • Press F4 to full-scren and F1 to in-game info.

Download First Game Tutorial


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